Beginner's Revision: L11-L15

A lesson by lesson breakdown of the Let's Love Teeline Together - Beginner Series. Each link will bring you to the approximate time on each YouTube video where the subject matter is being discussed.


Word Groupings:  Several outlines that are written together (It will be; That there is; I would be able to; Thank you for coming to, etc.). You can find a growing collection of Word Groupings posts on the LLTT Blog.

Special Outlines:  Commonly used words which are "reduced" so there is less to write. The best way to learn them is to write them over and over.

Distinguishing Outlines: When two or more frequently occurring words have the same outline, it is necessary to give each word a "distinguishing outline" to avoid transcription errors. Examples would include: has/his; perhaps/purpose and amused/amazed.

Abbreviations : In general, if a word can be shortened in longhand, you can use the shortened version in Teeline. And whenever possible, make one letter do the work of two.

Cassell's Dictionary of Abbreviations show that each letter of the alphabet, standing alone, is used to represent many words of which that letter is the initial. For example, the letter "a" is commonly used, in different contexts, to represent more than 40 different words!

In Teeline, when two or more words are represented by a single outline, that is called a word grouping. The simplest kind of grouping consists of two words joined together (it was, that is, there were, and so on). The forming of Teewords takes this word grouping concept a step further. A Teeword, then, is simply a memory aid (or mnemonic) for a streamlined word grouping. Take a familiar expression like "Both Sides of Industry" - that's technically four outlines. But if you can create a simplified, memorable word, like "bosindy," then it's relatively easy to create an outline that represents this reduced form that is far simpler to both write and remember.

Teeline Shorthand For Beginners: Lesson 11


An update on Grace and Preston

Ocean, Cushion or Caution, Fashion, Tension, Cautioned,

Teeline is not a phonetic system of shorthand, but there are some exceptions

Passion, Patiently (Kick the "ell out), Mentioned.

Another very useful grouping (I have mentioned, You have mentioned)

Musician, Efficient, Efficiently, Sufficient, Sufficiently, Election (don't put the baby on the floor), Occasion, Occasionally

Special Outlines that go with this section of the theory (Particular, Particularly, Prepare, Preparation, Program, Intention, Attention)

There is no rhyme or reason sometimes to special outlines, you just learn them in a parrot-fashion way.

A good word grouping you should know: Draw Your Attention, Draw Your Attention to the Fact


Sentences written in Teeline shorthand.
Teeline for the following sentences

"The young man had been cautioned many times."

New Word - "Cautioned"

A discussion of "many times."

"He stood in the dock at Brighton."

"He had a bright and breezy (no ZED) attitude."

"That was his first grave mistake."

"The jury looked across the courtroom at him."

A quick discussion on "Across."

"The listened to the evidence against him." Note that evidence/evident is a special outline.

Here's a passage of one minute at 60 words per minute.

A discussion about how to write "young woman" more efficiently.

Let's discuss the well-known phrase "Grievous Bodily Harm."

A passage of 100 words

Greenhouse/ Emissions - some new words

There is no doubt - a lovely phrase

The word "assumptions." Debatable whether the "P" is silent and how to handle.

A review of the NW blend "In Our"

Quick note on "in fact"

Let's talk about the word "European."

Another 100 word dictation (first, at 50 wpm)

Let's talk about the words "preserve the"

Another beautiful phrase: "As much as possible." 

Another one of Jo's favorite phrases: "To do so..."

Teeline Shorthand For Beginners: Lesson 12

Doubling straight strokes to add "R" (T and D)

Try, Tear, Dear, Dry, Tie, Try, Tee, Tree, Towel, Trowel, Tiff, Trough, Tack, Track

Die, Dry, Ditty, Dirty, Dive, Drive, Send, Sender

District, Distract, Turbulent, Tribute, Dormitory, Dorchester, Traders


"He played darts."

"The journalist visited an address in  Dorchester."

Let's talk about the word "journalist."

"He went towards (chop the ward) her." 

"He was a good writer." 

The word "There"

Otter, Other

Whiter, Weather

Writer, Rather, Rather Than

Gutter, Gather

Let's think about the groupings that relate to this part of the theory

Great Deal of Interest

During the past/last (few days, weeks, months, years, etc.)

On the other hand

On the other side

A few special outlines

Prepare, Preparation, Together

More sentences

"He treated her with respect."

In fact, he treated her with a great deal of respect."

Remember from Lesson 11: A good grouping - "Draw your attention to the fact." 

Sentences written in Teeline shorthand.
Teeline for the following two sentences

"A great deal of interest was shown in the display in the museum."

"The historical aspects of the occasion proved interesting."

Words that begin with INT, INC, IND, and INS, you don't have to put the "N"

Interesting, Industry, Increase, Insure

"It was disturbing to learn of the tremendous suffering in the area."

New word today: "Tremendous."

The further adventures of Grace and Preston

Music - It's going to be a cold, cold Christmas without you."

Music - Last Christmas

Some theory: Spe-cial, Ini-tial, Ra-cial, Essen-tial

More on Preston

Music - Return to Sender

Teeline Shorthand For Beginners: Lesson 13

The further adventures of Grace and Preston

Option One, Two and Three

Introducing Caroline and Mark (CM Blend)

The blend looks like a C that has been sat on or an open-ended rugby ball.

The most common CM Blend work is probably Come/Came.

It's sometimes easier to include the intervening vowel.

Cameron, Camera, Campaign, Commentator, Compare, Comparison, Comparatively (Kick the 'ell out), Comprehend, Comfort, Committee

Committee is used often in word groupings (ITY)

Special Outline for Community


Sentences written in Teeline shorthand.
Teeline for the following sentences - Lesson 13

"All the family came to see Cameron."

"They all took pictures with their camera."

"There is no doubt he is a beautiful baby, said Mark's sister, Camilla."

"She became emotional as she held Cameron in her arms."

"Mark composed a piece of music to welcome Cameron into the world." 

"Mark was an accomplished pianist."

Sentences written in Teeline shorthand.
Teeline for the next three sentences - Lesson 13

"Cameron's grandmother made a comparison between Cameron and his cousin."

"The cousin scampered off, disinterested."

"Soon the family went home and Mark cooked Scampi for dinner."

More special outlines (Yesterday, Tomorrow)

Word grouping that relates to the CM blend (If you would like to compare these items, I am sure you will COME TO THE CONCLUSION that they are similar."

Teeline Shorthand For Beginners: Lesson 14

NCE ending

Mince, Allowance

Looks a bit like spaghetti junction...

Allowances, Bounce, Bouncing, Dance, Dancing, Fence, Fencing, Fenced, Glance, Enhance, Lance, Mince, Announce, Pence, Stance, Vince, Wince


"Please make allowances for him."

"We will announce our decision at the end of the day (a really good grouping)."

"There have been many occurrences of this era."

Many ways to do "there have been..."

60 WPM dictation of the last three sentences.

Second part of the CN Blend first mentioned in Beginners Lesson #10

Can, Count, Counter, Central, Confidence, Consequence,

Using "center" in a grouping (in the center, from the center, at the center)

Do the same for "middle."

You can tuck an "S" inside that CN (Scandal, Scandalous, Scoundrel, Scanner)

Additionally, the CN blend is a useful special outline for "council." Two of them side by side would stand for county council.

Additional sentences

Sentences written in Teeline shorthand.
Additional Sentences for Connie that follow

"We can see straightaway how much Connie is like both Caitlyn and Neil."

A discussion of WE CAN using a vowel indicator

Teeline Brackets (moving into speed development)

"Connie grew up (GR blend) to be very beautiful."

"She had brown eyes and dark (double the D to add R) hair."

"She loved going to concerts." 

"She was considerate to others."

"She cannot bear to the center of the attention."

Attention is a special outline.

"When she was older, she had a friend who lived in Canada."

60 WPM dictation of the above sentences.

Repeating again at 50 WPM, but adding in some sentences to make this a 100 word dictation.

Checking the outlines for the sentences not seen yet.

How about one minute at 100 wpm?

CNV blend There are three people in this marriage. It looks like this.

We use it for the special outline for "convenient."

Add a disjoined "c" and it changes to convenience.

Add an "i" and it changes to "inconvenience."

The romance story

Sentences written in Teeline shorthand.
Teeline for the following sentences.

"Connie's parents, Neil and Caitlyn, were very happy."

However, Neil worked away a lot, and Caitlyn became quite lonely."

"Caitlyn got a new job and there she met Vince."

"She liked him at once., and the feeling was mutual"

Important grouping: At Once

"At the office Christmas party, they kissed for the first time."

This is a beautiful phrase: "...for the first time."

"The rest is history as they say."

Why am I telling you all these stories?

Additional sentences for reading practice

Sentences written in Teeline shorthand.
Additional reading practice sentences

"When Connie found out, she was convinced it was a lie, either that, or a rumor (doubling the M for R)."

The word "OR" in the development of Teeline.

"It was, in fact, neither, but it was short lived and Connie persuaded her mother that she was just going through a difficult time in her life."

These sentences dictated at 50 WPM.

Finishing off with some theory consolidation.

Sentences written in Teeline shorthand.
Final Teeline sentences for some theory consolidation.

"The meeting was convened."

It was a lengthy conversation."

"His story was inconsistent."

Writing the word "Inconsistent" (Vowel, N, CN)...eliminate the middle N

"The police were called to witness the conversation between them."

"As a direct consequence of his actions, the young man was arrested."

A message: If you find it all very daunting at the moment...

Teeline Shorthand For Beginners: Lesson 15


Sentences written in Teeline shorthand.
Teeline for the sentences presented below.

"The young man was not convinced by the advice given to him."

"He was considered to be a converted character following his contact with the organization."

Word Grouping - Considered to Be A...

Special Outline - Organization

"We had a long conversation regarding his current feelings."

"His thoughts were quite conventional."

The length of words - a quick discussion of syllables

How 40 words a minute can be more like 60 words a minute.

Two minutes at 40 WPM - cold dictation practice

Sentences written in Teeline shorthand.
Teeline for the cold dictation

 A lovely phrase - "In the Area." 

"In our area." Another one you need to be able to write fluently.

We can say... another grouping.

Word Beginnings

The first four are: Over, Under, Self and Trans

Overseas, Overheard, Overestimated, Overindulgent

Overconfident, Overstated, Overcome (CM Blend), Overlook, Overlooked, Overbalance, Overbalanced, Overtake, Overtaken, Overpowering (W doubles for R), Overflow (FL blend), Overbearing, Overshoes

Sentences - Over

Sentences written in Teeline shorthand.
Teeline for Word Beginnings - Over

"He overestimated the time it would (chop the would) take to travel (T doubles for R) to the destination."

His opponent was overpowering but he managed to defeat him."

"He overbalanced and he took the opportunity (special outline) well."

"He was overcome with emotion when he won the gold medal."

"He will be competing overseas next year."

Words beginning with "UNDER"

Understated, Undermine, Undermined, Undertaken, Undertaken, Undergo, Understudy, Underestimate, Underestimated


Sentences written in Teeline shorthand.
Teeline sentences for the below.

"The interpreter ensured that he understood the instruction."

"The crime was understated."

"The young man was undermined by the instructor."

"He underwent major surgery."

Words beginning with "SELF"

Sentences written in Teeline shorthand.
Teeline - Words with "SELF"

Self-Conscious (How Jo would do it)

Self-Defence, Self-Taught, Self-Sacrifice

Self-Harm, Self-Pity, Self-Satisfied, Self-Respect (disjoin), Self-Service, Self-Esteem (definitely disjoin), Self Control (disjoin)


Sentences written in Teeline shorthand.
Teeline sentences- "SELF"

"The convict was filled with an overwhelming sense of self-pity."

"He came to classes to develop new techniques for self-defence."

"On that night, he lost his self-control and also his self-respect when he lashed out at his opponent."

Some textbooks show you how to write "also."

"As a result his self-esteem has gone down."

As a result is a really good word grouping.

"He began to self-harm and was very self-conscious when it came to seeking help."

Began. There is a quicker way...

60 words - 2 minutes at 30 wpm

Words beginning with "TRANS"

Various Teeline shorthand outlines
Teeline - "TRANS"

Writing transport...

Transporter, Transistor, Transmit, Transplant (PL goes through), Transmittance, Transform (FM blend)

Special outline for FORM

Transformer, Transparent, Transpose, Transaction, Trans-Atlantic, Transsexual, Transvestite


Sentences written in Teeline shorthand.

"I understand that the (special outline) business is being transferred to a new (special outline) company."

"As a result of their selfish behaviour, some fans were banned from attending the concert."

"I understand that the accommodation for the undergraduate in the town center is (special outline) extremely poor and much too expensive."