Common Word Groupings

In shorthand, finding a balance between swiftly capturing the spoken word and avoiding hesitancy while doing so is crucial. While you shouldn't focus on memorising rare word groupings that you might come across only a few times a year, getting really familiar with a wide range of common, everyday groupings can seriously boost your Teeline shorthand speed. If you are not using word groupings, we strongly suggest you start. Practising these groupings will naturally improve your transcription accuracy as well. If you need to pause to figure out how to write a group of words, it would be better to write the words out one by one. However, we want to emphasi the incredible value of knowing and using the most frequently used word groupings in your daily writing. It all boils down to practice. Think of these groupings as a "skill within a skill." You begin by mastering the core skill of Teeline, and then gradually, you can reduce the amount you write as you hone the additional skill of using word groupings, all while increasing the readability of your writing.

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Common Teeline Word GroupingsCommon Teeline Word Groupings

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Teeline Common Word Groupings