Selected comments from our YouTube Channel.

Thank you so much for these useful lessons.  I am a language teacher in Japan and use Teeline almost every day.  It is such a useful skill to have.  Your lessons are so easy to follow.
The way you teach was like an instant download into my memory.
Thank you SO MUCH for this!!!! I've been studying from a book and whilst it's been fine for learning the alphabet, I came to a standstill on actually joining the letters. It seems to jump from 'here's the alphabet' to 'write this paragraph' without explaining skeletonisation or what the letters stand for independently. I'm going to switch to using just your series now; it's the first time I've felt any kind of confidence that I can do this.
Absolutely brilliant - I really enjoyed that! Beautifully presented and explained - thank you :)
I love the enthusiasm you have for Teeline - it’s really spurring me on to practice and learn more!
I really cannot thank you enough for these lessons. I started learning shorthand to help me take notes quicker for my studies, so my theory so far was all self-taught but you came along and cleared everything up for me and did it in such a fun and concise way.
I have tried to learn shorthand with no success many times but this tutorial is brilliant.  What a lovely warm teaching style!!
Absolute gold! Fantastically done.
This is so much fun!
Amazing teachers ♡
These women are outstanding educators.  Clear, concise and thoroughly effective.
Such a great course. I wish I'd known this shorthand years ago!
All these videos are outstanding. The teaching is so calm and encouraging and I always look out for the next video with great anticipation. You are excellent teachers.
...fantastic job and I am so very grateful to you for making this such a fun and encouraging journey.
I can't tell you how much I am enjoying these videos and how helpful and practical they really are. I eagerly look out for each one and when there's a new video, it makes my day.
I have watched all of your videos over the past year and I absolutely love your teaching style!  Thank you very much for taking the time to help everyone who wants to love Teeline.
Best series I have ever come across.
I just wanted to say thank you for teaching us the alternatives and making it clear that we can make our own decisions on ways to write things. When I first started learning Teeline, I was so obsessed with rules and thinking there was only one correct way to write something but I am starting to realise that developing your style is really important in regards to gaining speed.
Thank you so much for these lessons, they are amazing! Honestly really brilliant.
These are really helping me build my confidence and revise every day in a structured way. Thank you for taking the time to make these videos.
Thanks for doing these videos. I find them very calming and well-paced.
I am taking a 100 wpm NCTJ shorthand exam in a couple of months and these videos have really helped with revision.
Thank you so much for your lessons! I got really excited by the first dictation. All those long words with so little effort.
I have tried learning shorthand before with textbooks to no avail. This video series truly has been most helpful. Today's lesson in particular was a favourite as I observed myself gaining speed, confidence and making fewer and fewer  errors. You're doing a fantastic job and I am so very grateful to you for making this such a fun and encouraging journey.
This is so fun!
I am loving this course.  I have spent years studying Teeline by using a book only.  Your videos and excellent teaching really simplify things.
I never thought I'd get this enthused about shorthand but here I am.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!
Incredible work.
You are a delight to learn with. Honestly, all these little things help so much with memory and learning.
Your lessons are so engaging and your passion is encouraging.
Prior to now every video I've ever watched about shorthand has bored me to tears. This, on the other hand, has made me want to invest hours into Teeline. It really comes across as exciting.
This is a wonderful resource!
I decided to give Teeline a try and wow, this has got me very excited.
Appreciate this channel; your teaching methods make it easy to understand.
A page of example Teeline shorthand.