Beginner's Revision: L6-L10

A lesson by lesson breakdown of the Let's Love Teeline Together - Beginner Series. Each link will bring you to the approximate time on each YouTube video where the subject matter is being discussed.


Word Groupings:  Several outlines that are written together (It will be; That there is; I would be able to; Thank you for coming to, etc.). You can find a growing collection of Word Groupings posts on the LLTT Blog.

Special Outlines:  Commonly used words which are "reduced" so there is less to write. The best way to learn them is to write them over and over.

Distinguishing Outlines: When two or more frequently occurring words have the same outline, it is necessary to give each word a "distinguishing outline" to avoid transcription errors. Examples would include: has/his; perhaps/purpose and amused/amazed.

Abbreviations : In general, if a word can be shortened in longhand, you can use the shortened version in Teeline. And whenever possible, make one letter do the work of two.

Cassell's Dictionary of Abbreviations show that each letter of the alphabet, standing alone, is used to represent many words of which that letter is the initial. For example, the letter "a" is commonly used, in different contexts, to represent more than 40 different words!

In Teeline, when two or more words are represented by a single outline, that is called a word grouping. The simplest kind of grouping consists of two words joined together (it was, that is, there were, and so on). The forming of Teewords takes this word grouping concept a step further. A Teeword, then, is simply a memory aid (or mnemonic) for a streamlined word grouping. Take a familiar expression like "Both Sides of Industry" - that's technically four outlines. But if you can create a simplified, memorable word, like "bosindy," then it's relatively easy to create an outline that represents this reduced form that is far simpler to both write and remember.

Teeline Shorthand For Beginners: Lesson 6

The R Principle (AR, OR, UR)

The Story of the Twins (Susan and Olive) with special appearances by Arthur and Ursula

Dictation (Article, Arm, Army, Ornate, Urdu, Ordeal)


New Word - Arrival

New Word - Argued

New Word - Arm

New Word - Urged

Special Outlines to finish off the lesson (Arrange)

Teeline Shorthand For Beginners: Lesson 7

FR Blend (Frankie and Ruth) (Frosty, Fry, Freak, Forces, Affair, Affairs)

RF Blend (Reference, Rift, Giraffe, Refine, Refined)

FL Blend (Phil, Flow, Followed, Following, Careful, Carefully, Flicker, Reflect)

Jo's favourite word - "Useful"

FB Blend (Fergus and Bertie) - (Fabulous, Fabricate)

Special Outline - "February"

FM Blend (Finn and Madonna) (Fame, Fumes, Famous, Feminine, Female,

FW (Fahad and Winnie)

WF Blend

HF Blend

Special Outline for "Half"

Special Outline - "Profit"

Dictation Sentences

A good grouping - "He was the first."

Additional Revision Sentences

Song Lyrics - Love Changes Everything

Teeline Shorthand For Beginners: Lesson 8

X Blends



If a word starts with "X," you always write the X first








More Examples

(Exquisite, Explode, Examined, Executive (on the Teeline), Expand, Extended)

X at the end of the word (Mix, Mexico)

BX (Box, Boxer)

CX (Coax)

Note: Omit "E" when words begin "EX"

HX (Hoax)

LX (Luxury)

NX (Next, Next Day, Next Week, Next Year)\

PX (Pixie)

RX (Rex)

TX (Tax)

VX (Vex)

WX (Wax)

More Words that include X (Exercise, Expired, Exposed, Reflex, Exmouth, Expensive, Extensive, Hoax, Anthrax)

Alternating Sentence Practice

"The lady has exquisite taste."

"She was an expert in her field."

"Stay in close proximity to your friend."

The "Proximity" discussion she is afraid.

"I have examined the files in this case."

"The boy was expelled following the assault."


Teeline Shorthand For Beginners: Lesson 9

Word Groupings with X (For Example, Expect, We Expect, You Will Expect, I Am Expecting)

As a Result - Grouping for the dictation

Opening Dictation - 120 words

Rounding off the "N" (Button, Rain, Vain)

WN and NW Blends (The story of the drunken driver; Win, Winner, Want, News, Nowadays, Now)

These blends are used in the very useful word grouping for "In Which"

Doubling Curves to Add "R" (M, W and L)

Me, Mister, More, Mere, Mummy, Memory

Note: It is important to remember than when it comes to doubling curves, pay special attention to your letter proportions.

Custom, Customer

We, Were, Worse, Wise, Week, Work

Changing Work into Worker (Chip, Chop, Chip) - changing the K into a C

Flow, Flower

Flour, Call, Caller, Clear, Tall, Taller, Tail, Tailor, Full, Fuller

Practice Sentences

"They gave a summary of events."

"It was a beautiful morning in the summer when the body was found in the forest."

"He was demoralised when his memory failed him."

"He was the worse for wear."

"He was a very fast worker." 

"She worked all day in the warehouse." 

"He used a rollerball pen."

"The salary was by no means generous."

"The popular tailor made suits for the famous." 

Word Groupings - Doubling Curves Theory (In our area, In our opinion, In our view, More and More, More and more people, More or less, More than, Smaller and smaller, Higher and higher, Bigger and bigger, Larger and larger, Large number of, Large number of people, Large amount of money, Large sum of money)

The word "Receive" (We receive, We received, You will receive, I will receive, We have received)

More sentences

"We are more or less finished."

"We have more than we need."

"Our firm is getting larger and larger."

Revision: FM Blends:  FM is a special outline for "Firm."

"...and more and more customers by from us."

"They will receive more than expected."

Music - Glory Days

Teeline Shorthand For Beginners: Lesson 10

B, C and G (Rounded Consonants with "R")


What happens if you forget and put the R in ?

Answer: You would have some difficulty, perhaps, in distinguishing between Break and "Bark."

More examples: Bright/Broad; Brave, Brim, Bribe, Brace, Vibrate

If you keep the shorthand close to the line of writing, they will be easier to read


The Love of Chocolate - The story of Brenda, Cruella and Grace

"Crack" - CRC (only write C for CK)

Craved vs. Carved

Some Exam advice (be confident with your blends)

Grace, Green, Grade

Another very useful word grouping - "Great Deal of Money"

Great deal, Good deal


If the FL comes down, the I comes down, if the FL goes up, the I goes up

Guaranty - Did you fall into the trap?


Further adventures of the rounded ladies (Introducing Preston Parker- PR Principle)

Pride, Prime, Propose, Proposed, Purpose, Parade


"Preston Parker was a proud man and marched in the parade."

More practice on "PR"

Predict, Protect, Promote, Preside, Promptly (Kick the 'ell out!), Permanent, President

A discussion of the word "Prove"

More about Brenda

Brenda Brown (avoid the "drunken driver") was a brave woman.

Singlehandedly, she brought a burglar to justice.

A quick discussion on "Burglar" as this is new theory from last word (L doubles for R)

"Brenda had been abroad for a holiday."

"When she got home to her Brighton flat (FL Blend), the burglary had taken place."

"Brenda caught him red-handed stealing her chocolate."

"He hit Brenda with a bar and she was injured (can use "J" or "G") badly." Hopefully not with a crowbar

Despite this, wearing (W doubles for R) a neck brace, she was able to tell police (remember: police can just be a "P") what he looked (change the K to a C) like."

"She said he was tall and broad."

"He wore a bright shirt and brown pants."

Cruella's Story

"Cruella DeVille craved chocolate."

"To her credit, she did give it up briefly (Kick the 'ell out)."

"However, she soon cracked. (CR Blend, CD)"

Discussion of the special outline "However."

"After this brief spell, she ate even more (M doubles for R)."

For "even" put the "e" above the "v"

"Cruella claimed it was not a crime, but some people were very cruel. and said it was a crude habit."

A new word for today: Cruel

Grace Greene's story

"Grace Greene was a gardener."

"She wished she could grow chocolate."

Repetition makes it easier.

"She ate great big bars (G and B don't like each other) and bribed friends to buy for her."

"She said she would regret (did you remember to "chop" the would?) eating as she would be grotesque."

"But Grace did not listen to this grim message."

Discussion on raising the "n" in NOT as it is a negative word.

The word "Listen" discussion

"Although she felt degraded, she bought more and more."

A true story about word "Disgraceful."

More about Preston

"Preston loved big ladies."

"He was a man in his prime."

"He was proud of it."

"He said he would prove that chocolate did not promote good health."

"He presented Brenda, Cruella and Grace presents of chocolate every week."

"When he won the premium bonds (B and N don't like each other), he bought even more."

"Preston's only problem was that he did not know which lady to propose to."

"Grace must not presume that any of them would ("chop" the would") marry him."

That's a good word, apprehensive.

"He was very apprehensive."

"He appreciated Grace's advice, but he carried on buying the chocolate."


Standing, Strong, Air, Beneath, Feet, Happiness, Wrong, Misery, Break, Dreams, This is, Closest Thing (a tricky one), Crazy (why not a Zed?), Own, That there is a, Link, Between, Craziness, Nearest Thing, Never

Preston makes a decision

Today's Music Selection - "Close to Crazy."

Isn't it an absolute joy to take down dictation?

A brief discussion of the CN blend for "Can"

Just the two "I's" for "I think."

Let's Love Teeline together, because it's amazing.