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Shorthand is a fundamental skill for all journalists.

Since 2020, LLTT's YouTube Channel has provided Teeline shorthand lessons taught by highly-qualified university lecturers who are passionate about Teeline.

In addition to its well-received Beginners Series, the Speed Development sessions will deepen your understanding of word groupings and build confidence with dictation. To date, LLTT has also produced 61 videos in its Exam Series that simulate what you’ll encounter on examination day and there are 370 (and counting) audio dictations available.

Whether you're interested in how to learn Teeline shorthand, need revision guidance or just want to successfully pass your NCTJ shorthand exams, LLTT can help.
  • A gold #1

    Beginners Series: This is going to be such an exciting day for you as this is the day you start to learn Teeline. It's going to be life-changing, because from now on, even after one lesson, you're going to be able to write most words in Teeline.

  •  A gold #2

    Speed  DevelopmentOnce you’re familiar with the theory, you’ll need to work on your shorthand speed – which is where this series comes in. The material uses a wide variety of content, all designed to improve your vocabulary, dexterity and mental word-holding.

  • A gold #3

    Exam Practice There is a growing library of exam material from 40 wpm to 160 wpm that can serve for either prepared or cold dictation practice. Achieving a shorthand speed of 100 wpm improves your employment prospects and is essential if you want to progress to the National Qualification in Journalism (NQJ) news pathway.

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