Below you will find 160+ flashcards for simple word groupings. These were selected with care and represent outlines you will encounter often, so it would be time well-spent learning them. When used appropriately, flashcards can be a powerful tool in your learning arsenal.

Be aware it's easy to spend too much time with flashcards. It can also lead to avoidance of doing what you really need to be doing: writing loads of shorthand.

However, flashcards can be immensely beneficial when considered as part of a broader learning strategy. In order to retain knowledge over an extended period of time, you need to practise retrieving 1 the information after you have let enough time go by where you're just starting to "forget" it.

Further, using flashcards to memorise outlines and/or word groupings will help improve your sight identification, which, in turn, will help you with reading Teeline, which, in turn, will help you write better Teeline.

One size does not fit all when it comes to learning. You must experiment and see what works best for you. Flashcards are a good supplement to, but not a replacement for, learning shorthand.

You ultimately learn shorthand by writing shorthand. Lots of it.

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1 The proponents of retrieval practice say every time you force your mind to recall a piece of information that is not in front of you, you will be shortening the length of time required to do this in the future. For more information, refer to Do Flashcards Really Work? Yes – Here’s How!