Word Groupings

If your aim is to increase your Teeline shorthand speed, then word groupings are the KEY.  Four words written together means you are writing nearly four times faster.  Once learned, you will find uses for their beauty and grace in almost all writing you do. Our common word groupings list will get you started.

You can also find a growing collection of Word Groupings posts on the LLTT Blog.

In their book "Advanced Teeline," authors James and I.C. Hill  write (Page 49):
"The simple principles of word grouping will already be familiar to the Teeline student.  "Word Groupings" can be treated as arbitrary phrase-abbreviations to be memorised by rote, but they are much more than that, and the advanced writer, after studying the principles of word grouping should create his or her own.  Word group learning and word group creating cannot be done while the writer is writing at speed. Word groupings are generally produced from memory, not worked out under stress.  The potential high-speed writer should spend time re-reading speed notes and re-writing suitable groups in word grouping form.  These should then be practised until the response to hearing a particular phrase is immediate and sure."