Cautionary List

What follows is a list of words (or groups of words) that are often confused with each other for several reasons. While by no means comprehensive, these are certainly some of the most common.

A caution word is a word that is often confused with another for one or more of the following reasons:

The outline(s) were poorly written
Not enough distinction between single and double-length strokes
Careless positioning
Ignorance of the meaning of a word
Misuse of a Teeline principle
Neglect of a Teeline principle
Failure to understand or think about the "context."
Failure to use either a special or distinguishing outline.

The List

Caution List 1
Caution List 2
Caution List 3
Caution List 4
Caution List 5
Caution List 6
Caution List 7
Caution List 8