Teeline History

The Teeline shorthand outline for "Teeline."
"Teeline turns nineteenth century handwriting into a jet-age tool..." - James Hill
Many journalists in the UK and around the world are users of a shorthand system called Teeline. 

Developed in 1968 by James Hill, Teeline’s strength is fast learning.

Speeds above 140 wpm are not uncommon. Word groupings are key to the higher speeds. Every Teeline writer creates some for their own use and this is one reason it is considered a flexible system.  
Teeline is a key feature of many NCTJ-accredited journalism courses today in the UK. The content Let's Love Teeline Together has created for YouTube is linked to the NCTJ "Journalism Skills Workshop - Shorthand" module.  

Did you know Teeline started out with a different name? James' wife, I. C. Hill, was known to her friends as 'Bo' and it was in honour of her James first called his system 'Boscript.'
"To build up speed requires a certain amount of discipline on the part of the student, but reaching the goal makes it all worthwhile and gives a sense of achievement rarely equaled in other spheres. Anyone can write shorthand, but it is the determined ones who reach their targets." - James and Ivy Constance Hill