Beginner's Revision: L16-L20

A lesson by lesson breakdown of the Let's Love Teeline Together- Beginner Series. Each link will bring you to the approximate time on each YouTube video where the subject matter is being discussed.


Word Groupings:  Several outlines that are written together (It will be; That there is; I would be able to; Thank you for coming to, etc.). You can find a growing collection of Word Groupings posts on the LLTT Blog.

Special Outlines:  Commonly used words which are "reduced" so there is less to write. The best way to learn them is to write them over and over.

Distinguishing Outlines: When two or more frequently occurring words have the same outline, it is necessary to give each word a "distinguishing outline" to avoid transcription errors. Examples would include: has/his; perhaps/purpose and amused/amazed.

Abbreviations : In general, if a word can be shortened in longhand, you can use the shortened version in Teeline. And whenever possible, make one letter do the work of two.

Cassell's Dictionary of Abbreviations show that each letter of the alphabet, standing alone, is used to represent many words of which that letter is the initial. For example, the letter "a" is commonly used, in different contexts, to represent more than 40 different words!

In Teeline, when two or more words are represented by a single outline, that is called a word grouping. The simplest kind of grouping consists of two words joined together (it was, that is, there were, and so on). The forming of Teewords takes this word grouping concept a step further. A Teeword, then, is simply a memory aid (or mnemonic) for a streamlined word grouping. Take a familiar expression like "Both Sides of Industry" - that's technically four outlines. But if you can create a simplified, memorable word, like "bosindy," then it's relatively easy to create an outline that represents this reduced form that is far simpler to both write and remember.

Teeline Shorthand For Beginners: Lesson 16

Finishing off Word Beginnings:  AUTO, AFTER, MULTI, ABOVE, SEMI, SUPER

Let's start with AUTO

Auto, Automatically, Autocratic, Autocue, Autopsy


Sentences written in Teeline shorthand.
Sentences with AUTO (note: ignore the partial outline above "email)

"There was an automated response to the email."

"He automatically canceled his plans as soon as he heard the news."

"She was rather autocratic and therefore, not generally liked by her staff." Note: Both "therefore" and "generally" are special outlines.

Next up, AFTER

Able/Able to/After/Ability


Sentences written in Teeline shorthand.
Sentences with AFTER

"It had been a busy afternoon."

"After all, it was the end of the month and the accounts office needed the sales figures."

A quick discussion about the word grouping for "After All."

And another beautiful word grouping for "it was the end of the month."

"In the aftermath of the rush, drinks were never an afterthought."

Moving on to MULTI

Multiple, Multiplication, Multiply, Multi-Story (which can be used as part of a grouping for multi-story car park)

Now, if you add an upwards "L" with an "s" it becomes multi-story car park facilities.

Multi-Racial, Multi-Cultural


"We live in a multi-cultural society."

"He made multiple mistakes in the first half."

In the first half...a good grouping.

"In school, they learned long multiplication."

Moving on to ABOVE

Above Board, Over and Above

Above Named, Above Mentioned

Word Beginnings - SEMI

And finally, SUPER

Supermarket (special outline)

Superman, Superhuman, Supersonic, Supernatural, Supercilious, Supercede, Supervise, Supervisor, Superb



Sentences written in Teeline shorthand.
Sentences with SUPER

"He made a superhuman effort to win the game."

"This communication was superseded by something else."

"He believed in the supernatural to a high degree."

"The young man had a supercilious attitude."

"He went to the supermarket regularly." (Both supermarket and regularly are special outlines)

Teeline Shorthand For Beginners: Lesson 17

Starting Revision (Word Beginnings)

A Passage of 80 words

Sentences written in Teeline shorthand.
Revision Sentences - Word Beginnings

"The judge said I understand that the accused acted in self-defence."

"The evidence against him is transparent, to say the least."

"We must not automatically assume that the complainant (PL blend) is guilty."

"We have now received the statements from the supervisor of the company and the witness and information given is crucial."

Good word grouping: we have now received

A discussion on "crucial."

"Some of the evidence is heresy, and therefore, superfluous."

"Whilst it cannot be overlooked completely, it is over and above that which must be regarded as important."

Reading at 40 wpm

Word Endings


Capability, Reasonable

If you add an "i" indicator to the disjoined "A" you would get capably.

Viable or Viability (Viably)

-IBLE is next

Flexible, Flexibility, Flexibly, Visible (Visibility/Visibly)


"He was capable of anything."

"He was capable of committing the crime."

"He said he would be available tomorrow."

"He said he would be available in the morning."

Sentences written in Teeline shorthand.
Teeline Sentences outlined below.

"It was a valuable piece of advice."

"Please take your valuables with you."

"It was easily visible."

"There was poor visibility because of the fog."

A quick discussion about those outlines that go "below the line."

evident, evidence, because, begin or began

"He was visibly shaken."

"It was a flexible system."

"It was a flexible scheme."

"The player had good flexibility."

"A plastic card is said to be your flexible friend."

"I would like to forward the valuables to you."

The word ending -OLOGY

Biology, Psychology (which is a Distinguishing Outline from Sociology)

The one you will most often: Technology Add it to your special outlines list.



Another special outline for commercial and commerce

-MENT is up next

Moment, Sentiment, Payment (full A after the P), Shipment, Detriment, Detrimental

Detrimentally, Installment, Document

And finally, -SELF

Various Teeline shorthand outlines.
Teeline examples for -SELF


There are certain SL outlines that require the L to be written upwards, such as Myself

Himself, Herself

Remember: "Shorthand can be as fast as you like, but if you can't transcribe it, it's useless."

Ourselves, Itself,


Sentences written in Teeline shorthand.
Teeline Sentences for the below. Note: The sentence above is the last written below.

"He studied biology, sociology and psychology."

"After all, he was a meteorologist."

"It is essential to sign the attendance register."

"Please include your initials when you write your name."

"The player had great potential."

"The article was shown in the supplement."

"I would like to go myself, but I am unable to do so."

"We take one step forward and two steps backwards sometimes."

Sixteen words (mixed up)

Infallible, Social, Multi-Story, Self-Respect, Underscore, Terribly, Plausible, Employment, Transaction, Self-Defence, Fundamental, Specialist, Complimentary, Over and Above, Themselves, Technology

And more sentences...

Sentences written in Teeline shorthand.
Teeline sentences for the below.

"Because of the fog, visibility was down to a few metres and driving was terrible."

"He was understandably upset when they said he was not capable of doing the job."

"He studied biology and sociology and his brother studied design technology."

"It was essential for the initial assessment to be difficult in order to reduce numbers."

"For a brief moment, he appeared to be sentimental, even though he is a fundamentally strong person with little sentiment."

Teeline Shorthand For Beginners: Lesson 18

Some revision to start off

Sentences written in Teeline shorthand.
Teeline Revision Sentences for the below.

"The player is very capable, indeed, of winning the tournament."

"The center forward was reliable and never failed to impress."

"The captain was extremely honourable."

"The odds of that particular jockey winning the next race are not favourable."

"The decision to make a substitution in the last ten minutes was reasonable."

"You must take full responsibility for doing this job yourself."

"It was a moment of extreme tension."

"The argument was disappointing."

60 wpm dictation based on the above sentences

Other Word Beginnings

Micro- (Microwave)



Jo's inventions: Suspect, Suspected, Suspicious (add these to your special outlines list)

Other Word Endings

-LITY (no "B" before it)

Quality, Facility, Sexuality, Agility, Legality,


Charity, Majority, Minority


Activity, Relativity, Sensitivity


Subject, Object, Reject, Inject

How to Represent Numbers in Teeline

Be sure to circle 1, 2, 6 and 7 (they could be confused for "h," "n," "b," and "the," respectively).

Moving on to "hundreds"

In recent textbooks, authors have substituted a "dot" for POUNDS (rather than PDS)

Moving on to thousands

What about a mix of hundreds and thousands?

What about millions?

A brief spell on Dates inTeeline

How about the 18th century?

Fractions and Percentages

A 100 word dictation at 50 WPM

Sentences written in Teeline shorthand.
Teeline Sentences for the sentences below.

"We have lived at Thirty Four Main Road for several years."

"We bought the house in Two Thousand and Fifteen for Two Hundred and Forty Nine Thousand pounds."

"We managed to pay Ten Thousand pounds less than the asking price of 259,000 pounds."

"The 10,000 pound saving paid our solicitor's fee of 2,000 pounds, our estate agent's costs of 3,000 pounds and other general expenses amounting to a total of 4,920 pounds."

"We estimate the house has increased in price by about twenty percent."

Days of the Week and Months of the Year.

Teeline shorthand for days of the week and months of the year.
Teeline for Days of the Week and Months of the Year.

The key to the speed is...

Teeline Shorthand For Beginners: Lesson 19

How to Utilise Your Time for Practice

The word "Unprecedented." 

Jo's version...

Teeline Gold Word List

A special outline - immediately

Another special outline - representative

Listening to the News

A simple little passage with several word groupings

Various Teeline shorthand outlines.
Some Teeline Word Groupings (first line above is last line below)

I would like, Take this opportunity, Invite you, Xmas (for Christmas)

We have a, Range, Crafts

They will not, Great Deal of Money, There are, 5 or 6?

I think, All the, We have had, Difficulty,

Talented People, In fact, More and more people, as a result, for example

In our area, I would like to thank, Toward, Which will be, In the middle

Two minutes at 60 wpm dictation

"I would like to take this opportunity to invite to our Christmas fair. We have a range of crafts for sale. They will not cost a great deal of money. There are many items which will cost five or six pounds. That is not a great deal of money. I think all the items are made by hand. We have had no difficulty in finding talented people. In fact, more and more people are volunteering. As a result, we have a wide variety of things for sale. For example, many ladies in our area, have donated knitwear. I would to thank everyone who has worked towards the fair, which will be held in the middle of the month."

What if you have an hour to practice?

Music, Planet Earth programs

Jo talks about Examinations

An overview of the formats

Rosalie returns with the 60 wpm dictation

Teeline Shorthand For Beginners: Lesson 20

Another reminder on Word Groupings and climbing the speed ladder.

An NCTJ Shorthand Exam to be dictated at 60 WPM- "Plans to maintain and improve area of natural beauty."

An NCTJ Shorthand Exam to be dictated at 60 WPM - "Human Resources holds meeting about public transport."

An NCTJ Shorthand Exam to be dictated at 80 WPM - "Teenage girl goes missing from home."

An NCTJ Shorthand Exam to be dictated at 80 WPM - "Youths on bikes cause problems at shopping complex."

Jo wraps up...THE END