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Coming April/May 2024

Let’s Love Teeline Together - Skill Building Through Reading: Volume I - April/May 2024

For decades, the most skilled shorthand writers have relied on reading printed shorthand to assist them in reaching high speeds and accuracy. By rediscovering this powerful technique, the next generation can build upon their skills efficiently and effectively.

In today’s digital world, the classic discipline of reading shorthand can seem tedious or time-consuming to today's learners. However, this step remains critical for training both mind and hand. Like mastering scales in music, daily reading practice helps embed the shorthand outlines and word groupings into your mind.

Indeed, rather than a fading tradition, reading shorthand represents an untapped learning strategy. Through conscious application, students can experience significant breakthroughs in absorbing shorthand patterns. With reading intimately tied to writing, one skill strengthens the other in a virtuous cycle.

This softcover volume offers a curated selection of five mock Teeline examinations, each designed to enhance sight recognition of outlines and word groupings. As your reading proficiency improves, you can expect a corresponding improvement in your writing quality. To further aid in your learning process, this book includes not only the printed shorthand for each of the five passages, but also the longhand transcriptions. By providing both the shorthand and longhand versions, learners can cross-reference and reinforce their understanding of the material.

It is important to note that this book is intended for those who have already acquired a solid foundation in Teeline. If you are brand new to the system or have not yet mastered the basics, we recommend starting your journey at our website, where you can find resources tailored to beginners.