How To Learn Teeline Shorthand

February 21, 2023

How To Learn Teeline Shorthand

There is no mystery about writing at speed. It is a combination of two things: knowledge of your system and practise.

The person who writes at 120 is not moving their hand twice as fast as the 60 writer- they are thinking twice as fast.

You need to own your notes. The more you are forced to really own them, the faster you will progress.

It is not about speed. It is about being precise. Then it is about speed.

Slow and correct beats the ‘ell out of fast and incorrect.

Keep your eyes on the goal and just take the next step towards it. That’s all you have to do every day.

Discouragement is a necessary part of building your speed. Improvement is not a linear process. Get used to it.

Don’t you quit. Don’t you ever quit. Not now. Not ever.

Having trouble with a dictation? Break it down. Do one sentence. Can’t do that? Do one word at a time. Then build it back up.

With shorthand, you learn better when you SEE, HEAR, READ, WRITE and REPEAT.

You don’t need to be confident all the time. But you do need to DO THE WORK.  When in doubt, just do the work.

Treat your study of Teeline like the job that it is.

Remember that when you’re in the early stages of learning, every bit that you pick up makes you aware of how much you still don’t know. This is normal.

When you see someone with skill, more often than not, what you’re really seeing is someone who is consistent and has discipline.

You will struggle with that which you avoid.  

Conversely, you become good at what you do more of. Embrace the pain of being a beginner.

Many people want to “be” but they don’t necessarily want to “do.” You need to decide which camp you are in.

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