A power tool for shorthand practice

May 31, 2023

AudioStretch is an iPhone and Android app that very well may change your dictation revision practice for the better. Up to three minutes of audio can be played at a time in the Lite version or you can purchase the full version and enjoy up to 3 hours of audio at a time.

Disregard the fact (unless you happen to be both a shorthand student AND a musician) that it bills itself as a "Power Tool for Music Transcription".

Simply put, this app takes an audio file and can change the speed without changing the pitch. It can, however, do both if you would like.

After importing a file, you could simply use the app to play through a standard dictation at a given "speed".

However, using the speed control, you can either slow it down, or speed it up (speed ranges from -1.5x to 1.5x in the lite version while the full version allows -10x to +10x).

Note: dropping the speed below .50x will produce some distortion, depending on the audio file used.

Perhaps more importantly, the flexible looping feature (i.e., A/B) allows you to mark the beginning of a clip ("A") and then the end ("B") of a clip and when you hit play, it will automatically loop the selection marked over and over again until you hit stop. Brilliant!

Even better, the full version allows you to export the A/B loop file to an email or other program so you can create your own library of practice "snips"!

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