Jo Goodall
November 2, 2023

This is a passage at 60wpm entitled "Personality." Don't switch off if you think 60 is too slow for you, though. First of all, it will be repeated at the end at double speed; so 120 words per minute. Secondly, this isn't a standard NCTJ-style 60 paper because the syllabic count is much higher than you would have in an NCTJ exam. In other words, it contains longer words. Finally, the style of writing is more challenging, and there are two lists in the very first sentence; tricky, if you're not focused. There are, of course, a large number of common words. Be sure you use all the word groupings you can, for if you write these common words separately, it's going to be far more difficult for you to climb the speed ladder. In addition, there is one theory point and it's in the title; -LITY. This word ending can be represented by a disjoined L written in an upwards direction.

If you prefer to listen to the audio-only dictation, you can find it here on Soundcloud.

Several other noteworthy items in this video:

Word Endings - (TION) as discussed more fully in Beginners: Lesson 11

Word Endings (-LITY) as discussed more fully in Beginners: Lesson 18

Zed - only use “z” when it begins a word, otherwise use Teeline S

Encountering lists in exams

Doubling curves for R

Special Outlines

About 84% of the words in this mock are included in the Top 1,000 NGSL list

NGSL 1k words: a, able, accept, actions, addition, affect, also, always, and, are, as, associated, be, because, become, before, behaviours, build, by, can, certain, character, clearly, companies, consider, decisions, depends, different, do, doubt, environment, explain, first, fit, for, gain, good, greater, have, how, if, important, improve, in, individuals, interview, into, is, it, know, likely, likes, lives, make, management, many, may, might, more, most, need, needs, no, of, on, open, others, our, part, particularly, parts, process, quality, reason, relationships, research, see, seems, seen, so, some, step, stronger, suggests, take, team, test, tests, that, the, them, themselves, there, this, those, thoughts, to, understand, understanding, us, values, way, we, when, with

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