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Lunch Break

Lunch Break - Impulse Buys - The Sequel - 100 WPM

Jo Goodall
August 23, 2023

Back in January 2023, we published an 80 WPM mock entitled Impulse Buys, which was done at 80 WPM. Today, the adventure continues with its sequel at 100 WPM.

Resignations At The Parish Council - Building Speed

Jo Goodall
March 28, 2023

A very effective exercise. We present five sentences, each on a stand-alone basis and then put them back together and run through all 120 words at 60 WPM, then 80, then 100 and finally, 120 WPM.

Ring For The King - Speed Ladders

Jo Goodall
April 17, 2023

Speed ladders from the mock examination of the same name. From 70 to 80, 100, 120 and even 160.

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