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140 WPM

The importance of colour to happiness - 140 WPM

Jo Goodall
October 19, 2023

Jo is back on camera in this week's Master Class discussing less common words, special outlines, word endings, word groupings, the R Principle and PL Blends.

Weather - 140 WPM

Jo Goodall
September 8, 2023

We're now going to take it a step further from the 100 wpm passage entitled Meteorologist gives advice about protecting ourselves from the heat. Here, we ramp it up to 140 wpm as you're already acquainted with the content.

Higher speed dictations on SoundCloud

Jo Goodall
August 13, 2023

Ready to push your limits? As your Teeline shorthand journey reaches beyond 100 WPM to the coveted 120 WPM, these curated dictations can be a secret weapon.

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