The importance of colour to happiness - 140 WPM

Jo Goodall
October 19, 2023

This 140 wpm mock is a real challenge as it is packed with detail. Almost three-quarters of the video is explanation and revision work to prepare you. Regardless of your current speed, there is something for everyone.

Theory Points discussed:

Less Common Words

Special Outlines

Word Endings

Word Groupings

The R Principle - also discussed in Young women charged with unlawfully selling alcoholic cocktails - 60 WPM and Travelling to work by train - 150 wpm - Extended Version

PL Blend - Fun Fact: Of the top 2,800 most common words on the NGSL list, there are 56 with PL blends. See Further Thoughts On The New General Service List

I'm not trying to break you with a 140 - I'm trying to make you.

I want you to know what an achievement it will be to nail this. Be prepared to spend some time with this. It will be worth it.

If you prefer to listen to the audio-only dictation, you can find it here on Soundcloud

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